You would just love these skillfully made musical instrument’s stands.

For the beauty of creating, embarking on making one of these stands would be a cool project for your next DIY craft and if you need more projects you can take a look at a review of Ted Mcgrath’s 16000 projects where you’ll find some of the best and coolest woodworking projects.

All the ideas will have guides for you to practically do the woodwork from start to finish.

See some ideas of where to start with a look at possible projects for your woodwork musical instrument and stand:

1) Build a Music Stand

 Music Stand

The music stand, also called music rack is a light stand that holds the music sheet in place.

Of many plans to copy from, this book stand was chosen because of the detailed technical description of how to make it. It may look simple but it may be a bit challenging to make.

2) Build a Mandolin Holder

The bird’s eye curl in Rob Brown’s work combined with the finishing of decent size is a beauty. Truly it is a great way to get started with veneer works.

The contrast between the different woods makes it such a good design too.

This is a great project plan that you can follow to make your very own mandolin holder. Very well illustrated steps to follow in making the final project are also available.

3) A Walnut Keyboard Stand

This is hardwood and it’s not the easiest project to make either. However, with quite elaborate design guides at, you can copy this design.

At least you can draw inspiration from this to make your version of the keyboard stand.

A simple stand that can be used as a regular desktop, serving multiple purposes in your room can manage space for you.

4) Make a Guitar Rack for holding multiple guitars

Not much of a difficult one as it appears. The guitar rack by @freeza36, a member and a contributor at Instructable is a useful plan that one can create and also learn some woodworking skills with.

One useful skill that might have been seen in other projects is making rounded tenon and mortises. The finishing in this project also suggests the importance of considering what makes a good design.

5) Make a Box Guitar

A few years ago, I made contact with a friend of one of my friends that used to make very good guitar under 30 USD and they sounded very good.

Making a box guitar can be a very rewarding woodwork project to embark on. I believe they could still make a very good acoustic guitar under 50 USD today.

I did not know much about the quality of wood that made good guitar sound then, but at least I knew that making an acoustic guitar is not rocket science.

For your guide to make your acoustic guitar, the plan available on Vintage Projects will be really useful.

There is also useful information that will help you to decide which type of wood to use and the implication of the choice of your design on music quality. For your information, your DIY box guitar may produce better sound than some fancy expensive ones on the market.

6) Build a Cajon Drum

A Cajon is a popular percussion instrument for woodwork projects. It is one of the instruments that you can sit on and play at the same time.

It is not just a box with a hole; it has a mechanism for adjustments to control the pitch of the sound coming out.

Follow the wiki-how article on this which provides a very workable guide for you to build this project plan.


Some of these projects should have taught you some skills in woodworking.

If you have left woodworking for a while, it should have been a good way to remind yourself of some of the art.