INDIGO CHILD was formed in early 2003 as an inner call of people with dark pasts which were ment to find each other in a heavy-industrial town in Slovenia.

INDIGO CHILD is a complex myth with five individuals introducing a new way of thinking and understanding of the human presence.

They represent a new era of musicians giving tremendous emotions to the audience, with a wide spread union of different artists and other adherents.

Indigo Child is carrying a dark, deep secret, hidden in the music and lyrics which converts the whole thinking and perception of the listener.

Through their music they have found a way to influence and change the allpresent collective subconscious.

Bands live appearance on ‘Sudden Strike Tour’ in early 2003 has been a pre-taste of what’s cooking underneath this mechanic organism. Media all over the scene was surprised and the Bands intentions have been shared and known to worldwide underground population.

Shortly after, the Band felt finally compelled to record their creations as a well produced and technical supported demo-CD ‘Involve Synthetic’, which featured four tracks: Involve Synthetic, Death, The Roots of Eden and Divine Communication.

Since then, INDIGO CHILD vision has been growing as a cancer. Their definitive structure has encouraged them to work even harder on their sound, industrial electronic parts and atmosphere of worlds corronation.

Debut album ‘Re-death’ was recorded and born under hard physical and mental pressure involving all of the bands emotions during the year 2004 and has been kept in secret until 2005.

In 2005, the long awaited limited edition Digipak-CD was released and sold out shortly after. Gothic/Metal press all over the world has described the Band as a ‘Newcomer of the year!’ and Re-death’ album as ‘…hard response to the scene!’.

The declaration of their psalm has been written! Re-Reath represents the grand opening for the upcoming revelations which will be followed.

Concerning Bands visuals – INDIGO CHILD have recorded a video for their hymn, the track called ‘Involve Synthetic’. The video has been accepted with amazement by the fans and media and received numerous awards and went also first place on the national video charts. It’s time to meet & experience the myth itself…

Validation. Relevance. You and I both know that nothing I write here will accomplish such artistic goals. Beefheart. Van Gogh. There are situations in which any such thing takes time, or death. The Rolling Stones. The Alabama Shakes. There are also moments that only take a moment– or a year. Can one artist and his art truly be more relevant than another? I ask, who decides this? And what must it be relevant to?

Basically, I’m from Muscle Shoals, AL. I like Chuck Berry, The Stones, Captain Beefheart, Iggy Pop, Scott Walker, Waylon Jennings– and I’ve also discovered a little interest in the dark work of Francis Bacon. It reminds me of drawings and imaginings from my adolescence (and sometimes today).

I have a new record coming out called “Toska”. It was recorded at The Nutthouse in Sheffield, Al. It’s my best work yet. If you don’t believe me, you can download two tracks from the record for free.

On the record I usher you through dark tales of love and the bizarre, and revel in the joys of the ‘otherside of life’.

I’ll take you to the bottom of the pit and we’ll heave ourselves back out. There’s blues (as in the feeling), rock’n’roll, 4 a.m. ballads, and me– your shaman of the hour.

I’ve played many shows– even stretching to parts of Europe. I’ve opened gigs from the likes of The Black Diamond Heavies to Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. But should this matter?

I like rock’n’roll, dark stories and beautiful stories. I don’t pander to genres and styles. That’s for the ‘business’. Outside of physics, and the like, nothing in this world is unchangeable. It is all up to you. What is relevant to you? Who validates for you? I am an artist, no matter. You can be, too.